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Sermons - Christian Living

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Joy of the Lord
The Bible tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. But why is it that we become nervous when joy abounds?
  MP3 Length: 44:45 Size: 5.12MB


Arise and Shine
People are drawn to the anointing in your life, and God will give you opportunities to speak to others about Him.
  MP3 Length: 16:05 Size: 1.84MB


Your Assignment on Earth
We are God's workmanship, and everything He has made has a purpose. He has an assignment for each one of us so we must listen for His direction and obey.
  MP3 Length: 38:58 Size: 4.46MB


Your Assignment May Take You Anywhere
We have to be obedient and go to wherever God has called us. Changes are often uncomfortable, but are merely bridges to the greatest visitations of your lifetime.
  MP3 Length: 45:39 Size: 5.22MB


The Power Of The Secret Place – Part 2
Jesus had a habit of getting up early and going to a solitary place to seek the Lord and His guidance.  Where is that secret place for you - your car, park, the beach?
  MP3 Length: 39:49 Size: 4.55MB


The Power of the Secret Place – Part 3
There is plenty of information on developing the body and mind, but what about developing the spirit - the part of us that contacts and communicates with God.
  MP3 Length: 38:36 Size: 4.41MB


The Power of the Secret Place – Part 4
You can only be satisfied when you are in proper relationship with God, and know who you are in Him.  Good will come to you when you are acquainted with God.
  MP3 Length: 29:27 Size: 3.37MB


The Power of the Secret Place – Part 5
Everyone can go after the heart of God – it’s your decision!  Build a strong foundation with God’s Word and stay in the secret place long enough to receive strength and motivation.
  MP3 Length: 34:02 Size: 3.89MB


God's Word System
Words are vital for communication, and can grow or destroy.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and the Bible speaks a lot on this topic.
  MP3 Length: 30:31 Size: 3.49MB


Building the Word Into Your Heart
If you know and believe the Word, you know who you are.  Only God’s Word will build good fruit in your life.
  MP3 Length: 38:23 Size: 4.39MB


Don’t Quit
Success is failure turned inside out.  When life is tough and you are weary rest if you must, but never quit.  Stick to the fight and you will succeed.
  MP3 Length: 33:13 Size: 3.80MB


Team Work Makes the Dream Work
As you spend time with God, desires come from deep within you and can manifest as a dream or a vision.  Vision sees beyond what the human eye can ever perceive.
  MP3 Length: 28:07 Size: 3.21MB


Team Work Makes the Dream Work – Part 2
There is only so much we can learn from others.  We have to train ourselves, becoming a valuable commodity so we can bring something to the team.
  MP3 Length: 32:48 Size: 3.75MB


Difference Between Love and Lust!
Love is a desire to benefit others at the expense of self, while lust benefits the self at the expense of others.  Jesus’ sacrificial gift is a perfect example of love.
  MP3 Length: 51:09 Size: 5.85MB


Difference Between Love and Lust! - Part 2
The journey is the most important thing, not the destination.  Which way we choose to go when we are presented with a choice is what God is interested in.
  MP3 Length: 55:30 Size: 6.35MB


Power of Productivity
God gives us wisdom for living so you can have more than enough for your lifetime.  The Creator God has given us the Holy Spirit to impart wisdom into our lives.
  MP3 Length: 1:00:03 Size: 6.87MB


Questions and Answers
Jesus was able to answer all questions, and ask the right questions to keep people seeking God.  We don’t have all the answers to life’s problems and have to put our trust in God.
  MP3 Length: 49:29 Size: 5.66MB


Putting Yourself In the Way of Success
Obedience to the law brings reward, and the Bible teaches a divine law that you need to learn.  You can have health, happiness, prosperity now, and eternal life in the season to come.
  MP3 Length: 36:00 Size: 4.12MB


God Wants to Reveal His Son in Me
Our primary calling is to be a proclaimer of the Word of God.  As we do this and meditate on His Word He changes us from the inside out to make us more holy.
  MP3 Length: 1:05:02 Size: 7.44MB


What is Deliverance?
God always delivers you from something bad to something better – from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light.  Only by God’s power we are delivered.
  MP3 Length: 32:03 Size: 3.66MB


7 Practical Steps Into the Supernatural
What do we need to know, and what do we need to do?  Pray and obey!  Dr Marler leads us through a series of Bible passages that will enable us to do just this.
  MP3 Length: 43:28 Size: 4.97MB


In an aeroplane the attitude determines your direction in relation to the horizon.  In life, our attitude determines how we handle the things life throws at us.
  MP3 Length: 37:02 Size: 4.23MB


Blessed Is the Man Who Goes Through Baca
God will richly bless those who wait upon Him.  When the rain falls it’s gravity that pulls it down.  In the same way God will bless those who pray and long for Him.
  MP3 Length: 34:02 Size: 3.89MB


The Dynamic Duo
The Holy Ghost and you are the dynamic duo!  The hidden Man lives in our heart, in our spirit when we invite God in.  In partnership we can fulfill God’s purposes on earth.
  MP3 Length: 37:53 Size: 4.33MB


Life Is a Journey
Life can be difficult from time to time, and if we become stressed or depressed we don’t always make the best decisions.  Allow God’s love to make the journey easier.
  MP3 Length: 33:10 Size: 3.79MB


Restoration of the Tabernacle – Part 1
David was after God’s own heart, even though he tripped up many times in the past.  We too can be called as someone who is after God’s heart regardless of race or social standing.
  MP3 Length: 41:22 Size: 4.73MB


Restoration of the Tabernacle – Part 2
God inhabits the praises of His people.  Our body is the temple of God and He dwells within us.  In this message, Dr Marler finishes his sermon on the Restoration of the Tabernacle.
  MP3 Length: 19:24 Size: 2.22MB


Solomon’s 17 Principles – Part 1
In the Bible, Solomon had the most talent, ability, and diversity of achievements. He was the master of achievement.  Find out how these 17 Principles can apply to you.
  MP3 Length: 35:36 Size: 4.07MB


Solomon’s 17 Principles – Part 2
Once you’ve received God’s wisdom, you need to learn how to apply it to your life.  Using Solomon as an example, we can increase our understanding of this topic.
  MP3 Length: 36:20 Size: 4.15MB


Happy is he who keeps the Word; the Word will create vision in your life, and your destiny will flow from that.  We need to unlock that power to build our church.
  MP3 Length: 39:52 Size: 4.56MB







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